SEO Case Study
Colorfast Coatings

About Colorfast Coatings

Colorfast Coatings is a returning client of mine from Littleton, Colorado. They are an exterior and interior house painting company and their owner, Chris Stanton, was looking to have his website generate more business. I created his first design in late 2015.

First Encounter

The first thing I did for his first build was recreate his website design from a static HTML design to a responsive one, using ZURB's Foundation 5 framework. After that, I provided all of the On-Page SEO that could be performed along with a basic amount of keyword research. I also established his business on Google My Business and Bing Places.

Along with the new design and basic SEO mark-up, I created a new URL that focused on his locale and primary service.

Second Time Around

At that time, my SEO efforts were enough to bring him to page #1 in Google and Bing searches.

In 2017, Chris called again and said that while he was booked for the year, business had been slow and that no one was calling or filling out his quote form. He asked for a status on his rank positions; he had dropped down to page #5 in his local target market.

The issues were his content hadn't changed at all and that I had only done basic SEO tasks in the beginning. He needed a refresh, bad.

I performed a second round of SEO to his website including: keyword research/analysis/implementation, On-Page SEO, image compression and a revamp of his entire web design for a more modern look and better usability on mobile devices.

After a couple weeks, Chris reported that he was back on page #1 and had already received new sales calls since I performed my work.


Before my work in 2017, I estimate that Colorfast Coatings' SEO status was at about 50%. After I had finished my second round of SEO tweaks, I now put his status at around 90%. I told Chris that content need to be changed every once and awhile, and to contact me later when he had more information to post.

Before (2015)

Due to the errors he had - and that at least three other SEO companies before me had also tried - his website was in a pretty rough spot.

After (2017)

He not only gained the #1 spot for local results, he's now renowned for his product throughout Wisconsin. The website as about as good as I can get it.